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"A Boil Bursts: Antisemitic Day of Rage in Paris" PDF Print E-mail
On 10 May 1990, the Carpentras Jewish cemetery was desecrated. A two week old grave was dug up and the body impaled on an umbrella. 
In a wave of public revulsion, Socialist President Francois Mitterrrand led more than 250,000 demonstrators through Paris in a march against 
antisemitism, racism and the extreme right

29 January 2014

Sunday 26 January, another march through Paris by many political groups against the policies of Socialist President Francois Hollande, was 
hijacked by crowds screaming: “Jews, France is Not Yours”, “Jews, get out of France”. 
The organizers claimed 100,000 demonstrators, the police 17,000. 
Though the statistical number of anti-Semites among the protesters cannot be calculated, marchers were seen giving the quenelle 
version of the Hitler salute throughout the demonstration.
The rage of the Banlieue slum suburbs around Paris had been building throughout the Sarkozy Presidency, 
while new phenomena were brewing 
These include a meeting point between the anti-immigrant National Front under its new-look leader, Marine Le Pen, and the frustrated 
unemployed North African and Black African children of migrants; and the seeding of a Shiah Muslim presence by Imams supported by Iran, 
who are cheerleaders for Hezbollah and are even embraced by figures on the extreme left.
Wiesenthal Centre commends French Interior Minister’s Ruling Whereby Convicted Antisemites’ Public Performances May be Banned PDF Print E-mail
“The ban is a first step against Dieudonné the man. But ‘Dieudonnéism’
menaces the structures and values of the Republic itself.”
Paris, January 8, 2014
The Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s Director for International Relations,
Dr. Shimon Samuels, on behalf of the Centre’s worldwide membership,
commended French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, on his ruling “that
encourages Mayors and Police Chiefs to ban public appearances across
France of convicted antisemitic stand-up comic, Dieudonné Mbala